Quarter for your thoughts

Here's a group picture from last week's Speed Workout.  Great job to all in attendance.  But seriously, thanks for adhering to the social distance guidelines. Many of you posted your results from your mile time trial.  I'm glad to see so many great efforts and hope you can join us if you didn't get a chance to last week.  Keep track of your time and we can see where we a This week i want to try 1/4 mile repeats.  This distance is good because you can run hard for a shorter time and still recover for the repetitions.  The important thing with this is to concentrate on form.  Try to push off with the forefoot rather than running flat-footed.  I would like to have us do 6-8 of these.  Try to be

Get back up to SPEED!

I am so impressed with all of the running that people have been doing despite the shelter in place for COVID-19. Many of you ran the Lincoln Half course or something similar and others have run marathons and other great workouts. So, let's get back up to Speed! The way that I'd like to orchestrate these workouts is at the beginning of every week I will post a general plan for a workout that you can do on your own and then people can post (if they'd like) their results. We all love our big groups that we have run with in the past, but please do these workouts on your own. For the first week I'd like to have our workout be a mile for time. This will give you a benchmark so you can assess

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