• Bill Owens

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if you're hip and cool like me you know that symbol means sMILE. That's right it's mile repeat time! Why the face (WTF)? Miles are the basis of everything we do!

How many MILES did you run this week? Are you in the 1000 MILE group? What was your MILE pace in your last race? Runners are all very concerned about MILES and the pace at which we run them.

With the cooling trend after a HOT weekend, its a good time to give mile repeats a try. A mile is 4 laps around the track. A good approach to running a mile is to try to keep a consistent pace and the wonderful thing about running a mile on the track is the opportunity for constant feedback from your watch as to whether you're below, above, or on pace.

So the workout will be 2-3 mile repeats. You should do full recovery between the repeats so that your heart rate and breathing is back to your normal. Again you should shoot for the same pace for each mile and the same pace for each lap within the mile. I'd suggest shooting for somewhere between your 5k and 10k pace.

We will warm up with dynamic stretching and run a lap or two before the repeats. So let's get excited and have a great workout. Then you WILL have something to smile about. See ya there!



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