• Bill Owens

Runner's Choice

This week I'm giving you a couple options. We will meet at Lincoln Park (6pm) by the parking lot near the west bathrooms and you can choose from several options to fit your needs:

1) The HS cross country course is painted, so you can run the 3 mile course.

2) The Octopus - 8 hills in Oak Ridge Cemetery all starting from the lower vault level.

3) The Rocto - a group of hills in Lincoln park

4) Monument Ave. leading up to the gates of Oak Ridge has an accurate 800 meter loop that we used a couple weeks ago so numerous flat fast distances could be run.

Hope to see you all there

p.s. I decided to come out of retirement and I've taken a job at Old MacDonald's Farm.

I'm the C.I.E.I.O.



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