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200 reasons to get speedy!

This week we will be doing 200m repeats. The goal here is to work on raw speed. We will be doing 12-16 200m (half a lap on the track, about 1/8 or .125 of a mile) For this workout we want to build up to top speed. This is accomplished by increasing leg turnover, running more on forefoot, and moving arms faster. Recovery can be equal distance slog (slow jog) or a pause of about 2 times as long as your interval took. Try to avoid the heat and don't run past exhaustion. Make sure you warmup properly 1-2 miles and stretch well. Do some build-up strides before starting the intervals.

In other news my 4 year old nephew has been trying to learn Spanish during the quarantine. He still hasn't learned to say "Please" which is poor for four!

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