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Speed - Week 2 (4/18/2018)

Group shot from Week 1

Had a great turnout for the first speed session, as you can see. The light pole run was a lot of fun and everyone worked super hard to get speedy.

This Wednesday (4/18) at 5:45 p.m. we will again meet at the Washington Park Pavilion. The workout will be 400 meter repeats. After a brief dynamic warm-up we will run from the pavilion to Williams Boulevard. It is exactly 1/4 mile from MacArthur to Walnut. We will plan on running about 4-6 repeats.

Again remember that all are welcome to join. There are individuals at various speeds and so there is always someone to run with.

These workouts are a great chance to become involved in the roadrunner community. When you work hard, and receive and give support to other runners, everyone wins.

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