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Speed Work - Week 3 (4/25/2018)

For week 3 we will again meet at the pavilion at Washington Park at 5:45p.m.

This week's workout is a "Prediction Mile". Today with all of the GPS watches, FitBits, Nike Run equipment and other items there are many tools for measuring your pace. The problem is that it takes away from our ability to be able to judge pace. As a pacer for many years, I've relied on my own natural instinct to determine pace and for the most part it has guided me well. This comes from trial and error within speed work through the years.

So our goal for the workout will not necessarily be to run a fast mile, but one that we can predict. After a dynamic warm-up we will run to the starting line at MacArthur and Williams Boulevard. Before running the mile we will do two 400s at the pace of our predicted time, running between MacArthur and Walnut. This should help you start to get a feel for your pace. After the warm-up 400s we will allow for recovery. The mile course will take you towards the carillon on the park road and back up the hill towards the pavilion.

So for this run watches are not allowed. You can leave them at home or I will collect them before the start of the mile. Only really nice watches won't be returned after the run.

This rule is in place because I hope to teach the importance of trusting your natural instinct when determining pace. There will also be awards for those who are closest to their predicted time.

As always people of all levels are encouraged to attend. Please consider bringing a friend to add to the fun. Looking forward to seeing you all!!

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