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Time to get Loopy (05.23.18)

It's finally here.....track time! This week we move from Washington Park to the track for our speed workout. The track is at "West Campus" of SHG (my alma mater) 1615 W Washington, at 5:45 pm on Wednesday. Besides having graduated from SHG, I also did my first stint of coaching as head cross country coach there before moving on to Rochester where I now coach. Should I go on? Kim says, "NO, enough about you!"

For this week's workout we are doing a "Ladder". For those of you new to track, the distance around the track one time is 400 meters. After a dynamic warm-up that will include stretching and running, we will run 200m/400m/600m/800m/600m/400m/200m, stepping up the "ladder" and back down. After each segment we will do a recovery jog, slog, or walk of half the distance of the segment you just completed. The pace should be faster for the shorter distances and a little slower for the longer ones. Pay close attention to form techniques I've discussed before as they are easier to implement on the track than the roads. Runners should find groups of people at a similar level to run with. When in groups you can take turns leading segments if you like and try to be supportive of each other to make the workout go better. If you have one, bring a chronograph style watch so that segments can be timed.

Next we will have some fun. We will again be teaming up for a short but "cool" competition. I will give details the night of the run.


Hope to see you all there! Even if you haven't already joined, us please consider coming. Everyone of every skill level is welcome and the more that join in the more the fun will grow!

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