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Well do you feel lucky? Punk!

Are you feeling lucky? I am! So this week's workout is called "Roll the Dice". We will start with our normal routine of stretching, yada, yada, yada. Then we will select individuals to roll some dice. We will need 12, so if you're feeling lucky volunteer. Next, two at a time we will roll the dice. The first number (1-6) will be the quantity of reps for a set. The second number will be the distance (100 meters thru 600 meters). Once a quantity of 1-6 is used up or a distance of 100-600 is used up it can't be repeated. So we will roll dice to determine 6 sets of repeats. If you're lucky the rollers will roll favorably (e.g. 6x100, 1x600, etc). If you're not so lucky we could end up with sets like 6x600 and 5x500 etc. Either way everyone will do the same workout, so cross your fingers, avoid black cats, don't walk under any ladders, but definitely come to this week's speed workout. Bring a lucky friend and join in the fun!

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