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Speed Skip

Yes, that's right...this week i've planned a crazy workout where we all skip in unison to Pharrell Williams' song "Happy".

The two happiest guys in town, Tommy Dale and Paul Turner, will be leading the act with Wes Johnson as color coordinator...........screech! Scratch all that, Reverse! Skip Speed. There will be NO organized speed workout at SHG on July 4th. You've heard right! I've granted you independence from speed! Next week we will be back bigger, better, and speedier than ever. Enjoy!

p.s. when we gather next time please bring any extra t-shirts you have to dontate to children as part of a missions project. Amber Chasco is organizing the drive to collect these. Watch for other announcements as there are many charitable activities that members of our speed group are involved in that we may need your help on.


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