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Post Toasties

Brrrrrring/Snooze...Brrrrrring/Snooze...Brrrrrring/Snooze........Good Morning!

Time for some breakfast?

Now that we're past the Amble and "toasted" from a summer of running, it's time to sit back in our easy chairs, relax, and have some corn grits, sugar, and salt or may even a Mel-O-Cream doughnut. HOLD on Sam, drop that Long John! Summer isn't the end, it only prepares you for the best running time of the year, FALL! With cooler temperatures on the horizon and marathons and many other great fall races, this a perfect time to step up your game!

This week we will return to one of my favorites, 400 meter repeats with a twist. The workout will again be on the SHG track at 5:45 p.m. Wednesday. We will do our standard dynamic warm-up, a picture, and a warm-up running lap. Next, we will do 3 repeat 400's with 1 minute recovery. Then we will take our 400s to the roads with 3x400 on Feldkamp Street between Monroe and Lawrence, returning to the track for the final 3x400. This will give us a chance to check our pace on the roads compared to the track. After it would be nice to do 3x100 barefoot on the infield. Hope to see everyone there!


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