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Climb Every Mountain...

Coaching Job # 1 (Go Rockets!) is needing me for Wednesday evening due to a heat postponement of a meet scheduled for Tuesday evening, so "Sisters" Stephen and Paul VonTrapp will be leading you in song...I mean your Speedy workout this Wednesday evening. We (and when I say we, I mean you) will meet at Washington Park Pavilion at 5:45 pm. The workout is HILLS! This will be a perfect lead in to those planning to run Decatur's Shoreline Classic 15K.

After a dynamic stretch, pictures, and mile warm-up, you will be running the hills in and around Washington Park. Run each hill once as the "Sisters" will instruct, shooting for 8 total. It would be good to break into the usual groups. Use methods discussed for tackling the hills effectively (count down, baby steps, and imaginary tow rope).

Have fun! Bring a friend!

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