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I see a mile in your future...

It's prediction mile time again. We tried this workout in the spring, before we started meeting at the track. Last time "Evil" Sam Woods was way over his predicted time..."Perhaps I'll run a 2 minute mile!"

So the plan is to meet Wednesday, 5:45 p.m., at the Washington Park Pavilion. We will do our usual dynamic warm-up and stretching followed by a picture. Then we will run easy to the boulevard for 2 race pace 400s. Next we will start our mile prediction run. The course follows the Women's Distance course in reverse from the 1.25 mile mark to the .25 mile mark.

Prizes will be awarded for the 2 closest and 2 furthest away from their prediction time. "Evil" Sam predicts another night of fun with the speed group. I bet he nails it!

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