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I Can Bearly Stand to Say Good-bye

We have finally reached the end of speed training and it's time to celebrate. We have accomplished a great deal and gotten faster in the process. When Kim told me I must lead the speed sessions I told her "NO WAY!" She said "WAY!" and soon I was leading our group.

We started in the park and then found our way to the SHG track. We also visited the fairgrounds for a preview of the Parade Run course. We ran in hot, hotter, and hottest weather and survived every time.

The thing I've enjoyed most about working with you all is seeing the way you support each other. Seeing friendships form and watching runners work together has been great. We've also supported some great causes and shown a lot about our character.

So, for our final run we have a special workout in mind that will involve team-work. We will warm up as usual and the running portion will last about 45 minutes. After the run we will fire up the grill and i will cook hot dogs. I will also supply tableware, and bottled water. Please bring a side dish or desert to share with the group.

I will miss all of you....until next week when we will all probably join up for the Frost Toes!


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