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Let's Get Loopy (05.29.19)

The time has come in our speed training to move to the track. Running speed workouts on the track has many benefits. The smooth consistent surface allows for development of better form, the distance is exact allowing for better pacing, and the surface is firm but not too hard. For our first track workout we will be doing a "Ladder". Each lap is 400 meters. We will do distances of 200/400/600/800/600/400/200 in this track ladder. Recovery between each interval should be equal to the distance. The 800 recovery could be reduced to 400 if desired.

The format prior to the workout will be similar to our earlier workouts with some light running, static stretching and dynamic stretching. We will meet at SHG track behind West Campus on Washington St. at Feldcamp St. at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!


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