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Keep Climbing Roadrunners

Now that we've conquered the hills of Abe's Amble, let's continue to climb our way to success for fall racing. With cooler temps and lower humidity, fall is a great time to race. There are many great races, like Shoreline in Decatur, Octoberfest in Havana, and others. To be strong on those courses you will benefit greatly from hills.

We will meet at Washington Park (not the SHG track!) at 6 p.m. After warming up and stretching we will amble our way around the park running various hills. Each hill will be different and give you a chance to work on the form and intensity needed to gain hill-running strength and skills. Hope to see you all soon!

I'm sure you all heard by now that they caught the bank robber they'd been searching for. Apparently he was located at a campground on the edge of town. It was a clear case of "Criminal inTent". Dad-jokes strike again!

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