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Timely Tempo

YEAH BOI! Its time for tempo. We are back in Washington Park again this Wednesday at 6pm. This week we are going to do some tempo running. Similar to intervals, tempo is more of a sustained hard pace that simulates and prepares you for racing. We will start as usual with static and dynamic stretching. Then we will do a 5 minute warmup run followed by 30 minutes of tempo. I suggest running at around 80% of race pace. During this it would also be good to throw in surges, so you might try running 3 minutes tempo then 1 minute surge where you go faster than race pace. This is one of my favorite workouts that gets me ready for racing. With the 3/1 repetitions, the workout is challenging and goes by quickly

Unga Bunga Bunga!

P.S. I put up a new bathroom fan today....It was exhausting. Sorry, I just felt like a needed to vent! :-)

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