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Light Pole Workout to Brighten Your Evening!

Bill: "Hey Kitten, What do you think about a light pole workout for Wednesday night's speed?

Kim: Yuck...I told you I don't like those goofy pet names people call each other!

Bill: So I guess Poopsy Woopsy is out for sure?

Kim: Grrr!

Bill: But what about the workout idea?

Kim: Isn't this your job? I cook, I clean, I feed the animals.....

Bill: I'll take that as a yes!

So Kim decided we should do a light pole workout Wednesday evening. We will meet again at Washington Park at 6pm. After warm-up and stretching we will do a short run and start our run at Park Street in the park. We can do a full 2 mile loop of alternating fast and slow every other light pole. This workout seems easy at the beginning but is more of an endurance workout. After the 2 miles of light poles, you can choose to do whatever cool-down you like.

So I just ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon.....I'll keep you posted!


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