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Amble week Speed 8/16

Hey all! It's Amble week 🎩🎡🎽 so the workout will have a couple of options for how to approach, depending on whether you are signed up for the race.

600m cutdown madness is what we will coin this week's workout, so after our warm up together, here's how it goes:


4 x 600 (90s rests)

Rest an add'l 1.5-2 mins

3 x 600 faster than the last set (90s rests)

Rest an add'l 1.5-2 mins

2 x 600 faster than the last set (90s rests)

Rest an add'l 1.5-2 mins

1 x 600 (you should be giving your all here)


Get thru as much of this as you can in 45 minutes. I'm giving us a bit more time due to the add'l rests factored in.

So if not running amble 🚫, I suggest using around the following paces or just slightly faster for each set 10k, 5k, 2 mile, all you've got.

If you ARE running amble 🏁, use the first 2 sets as pacing practice for your desired goal and really try to get a feel for the pace. You can do the next 2 sets just a little faster if you want to work on your final push to the finish line, or keep @ 10k goal pace, or eliminate them. You know your body and remember, this is YOUR workout, so do what is best FOR YOU! 💪

Then we will do an EASY cooldown on the Feldkamp mile or do some walking to cool down.

Hope to see you all there! We have a cooler afternoon in store for us as well, so that's always cause for celebration!!

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