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This week we will be doing a cut-down workout. The distances of the intervals will be 400-800-400-800-400. Each 400 of the workout (including both 400s of the 800) you need to get faster with your last 400 being the fastest. Try to drop 2-3 seconds each time. For example: if you start with a 2-minute 400 the next 800 should 3:54 (1:58/156), followed by a 1:54 for the next 400, then a 3:42 (1:52/1:50) 800, and finally a 1:48 400. The workout teaches you control and to shift pace during a run.

Hope it makes sense. Enjoy

P.S. We recently tested the defibrillators at my workplace. Of course they didn't work, no one was shocked.

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Jul 29, 2020

Hi Bill,

This is Saied Eftekhari, one of the former SRRC members currently live in Florida, you may remember me we ran many races in 90’s and early 2000’s in Springfield ( of course I was not close to your level ) I

I am so glad that you are in charge of Wednesdays workouts and wish I was there.

I was trained by John Hartnett and Jack Bellmer.

I have a question: how long we wait between each part of the session? In terms of seconds or minutes of each 400-800-400-800-400 ?

Thanks for all your help and my best regards to all my Springfield runner friends.

Stay safe.

Saied Eftekhari, MD


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