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Building Blocks To Speed

This week I thought I'd start with a "Dad" joke to get more people on apparently there was a lot of excitement with the Logo Store reopening....People were lining up for Blocks!

This week I'd like to return to one of the more important components of any training program, HILLS! Hills promote explosiveness in your running helping you to be able to surge during a run or race. I'd like you to pick a hill that's not too long (around 80 meters). Run the hill 8-12 times with a slow jog down the hill for recovery. Going up the hill run as fast as you can, concentrating on driving your knees forward and your elbows back with every stride. Because the distance of the speed session is shorter than normal do a longer warm-up and cool-down than usual. Be certain to do a good amount of stretching (dynamic and static). Good luck and have fun!

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