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Feeling Lucky, Punk?

This week the workout is "Roll the Dice". The workout is based on chance via rolling of dice. We will roll six sets of dice to determine 6 sets of intervals. 1 die will represent the quantity of repeats and 1 will represent the distance in 100's of meters. So if we roll a 3 and a 4 for one set we will do 3x400 meters. We will repeat for 6 sets but no number can repeat (i.e. once the quantity or distance is used it is not used again) In the example above, the 3 quantity and 400 meter distances would require a re-roll if rolled again. I will explain further the night of the workout and after rolling six sets of dice we will write the workout onto a white board for reference.

We will meet at SHG track at 6pm for warm-up and stretch as usual. Looking forward to another great workout!

Warning! Dad Joke in Progress: I will never forget the last thing my grandfather said before he kicked the bucket....."Watch how far I can kick this bucket!"


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