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If I Had 6 feet, I'd Be Quite Hard To Beat

My two-footed friends might think they were faster, but I'd cover the course at least 3 times faster. I'd wear 3 pair of shoes to cover the 30 toes inside the 6 socks I'd wear on my feet. When 2 feet get tired I could rest them and yet be twice as fast as those two-footers, I bet!

So, this week we are able to meet as a group for the first time this year. We are asked to still maintain the "6-foot" rule of social distancing (unless you have 6 feet like me). We are also supposed to keep our group to less than 50. If we have more than that show up we will have part of the group stretch and begin their workout in another area. We will meet at the pavilion by the playgrounds at Washington Park at 6pm.

The workout we are doing is Indian Running. We will do our stretching like in the past (dynamic and static). Then we can break into groups of similar abilities. Each group should run a mile or so warm-up and then do 2-3 miles of Indian running. Run in a single file line and the runner in back should run quickly to the front. Once in front call to the next runner to come to the front. Continue the rotation. Once you finish the Indian Running portion, do a 1-2 mile cool-down. This is a good workout because you can control how fast you run on your speed portion.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

By the way, I just replaced my car engine with the motor from my washing machine. I'm going to take it for a spin later.


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