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Here's a group picture from last week's Speed Workout.  Great job to all in attendance.  But seriously, thanks for adhering to the social distance guidelines. 

Many of you posted your results from your mile time trial.  I'm glad to see so many great efforts and hope you can join us if you didn't get a chance to last week.  Keep track of your time and we can see where we a

This week i want to try 1/4 mile repeats.  This distance is good because you can run hard for a shorter time and still recover for the repetitions.  The important thing with this is to concentrate on form.  Try to push off with the forefoot rather than running flat-footed.  I would like to have us do 6-8 of these.  Try to be consistent or faster at the end of the workout.  With all of our workouts, warm-up and cool down are important and should consist of some light running, static (holding a stretch without moving) and dynamic stretching (moving).  Also, remember diet, recovery, and cross-training as part of your training plan. 

I wish I could be with you and coach you all in person, but this will have to work for now.

DJA (Dad Joke Alert)

With the health craze, I recently thought about going on an all-almond diet, but that's just nuts!

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