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Speedwork 6/14: Cutdown intervals

Although temps will be increasing some, we are still set to have a pretty pleasant Wednesday workout compared to what I'm sure we will be dealt later in the summer ☀️🌡

This week after our warm up together, we will do cut-down intervals -

We will begin with a 900m run and each subsequent run will shorten by 100m. So, 900m-800m-700m-600m... we will do this for ~35 mins so work as far down to 100m as you can. While each run portion will get shorter, your goal will be to increase your pace a touch each time. By the time you get to the last couple of runs, they will be very short and you should be at or near 100% effort. Rest a couple of minutes between each longer run and get your heartrate back down so you can run hard and maybe shorten that to a minute or so for the shorter segments. This will help prep you to run fast late in a race as your body begins to fatigue. Really try to push yourself in the later part of this workout.

Can't wait to see you all Wednesday @ 5:30 @ the SHG track!!

Oh, and ONE FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT, on Wednesday 7/5 we will be doing an easy fun run and potluck @ Washington park instead of meeting at the track! Check out the event from the speed page and don't forget to register for the Jacksonville 5k on 7/4 and the Women's Distance Festival 2 miler on 7/8!! Show off your hard work at the track in these 2 club participation series races!!


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