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The 2/1: Speed workout 5/31

Hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day!

But now it's time to get your interval timers ready ⏲️ After our warm up together this week we will do a 2/1 run... that is, 2 mins ON, 1min OFF. This run can be done in a variety of ways so choose what best suits you. You can do this as a continuous run of harder/easier running for more of an enduranced based speed workout, or you can run very hard then walk recovery or slog your recovery (a very slow, sorta jog sorta walk rest) for more of a pure speed specific workout. Or you can mix it up and do a little of each. The important point you just need to know is 2 mins harder, followed by 1 min of rest or very easy for 30ish minutes. See if you can complete the same distance or more with each of your ON repeats!

If you have an interval setting on your watch, set it for the 2:00/1:00 x 10 since there are no set distances and you won't have to keep looking at your watch.

To finish up, we will do the Feldkamp mile together. See you tomorrow!!!


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