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Time to move to the track!

This week I'm so excited - we are moving to the SHG track located behind SHG at Washington & Feldkamp!! 🙌 All paces and abilities welcome! Wednesday @ 5:30pm

To familiarize everyone with the track and the track distance markings, we will run a warm up on the track together and go over some track etiquette, then will do 400m repeats which is one lap around the track. However unlike last time, this will be more of an endurance based workout and we will recover for only 100m. This is going to be a short recovery and the intention is for your heart

rate to stay slightly elevated, so you will need to pace yourself appropriately and not take these too fast. I would suggest ~ your 5k race pace or even slower for the repeats and get faster towards the end of the workout if you are able. But as always, just do your best! This is your workout so get out of it whatever you want to!

Hope to see you there!!

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