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How do I register for the training group, and what is the cost?

There is no registration or fee for joining the group.  This training is intended for SRRC members, so make sure you join the club or renew by clicking on the "join" button above. Visiting runners are welcome to join us as well, but you'll be required to sign a participation waiver prior to the run.

What do I need for the weeknight runs?

Plan to arrive before the start time at the playground pavilion in Washington Park.  We'll provide water.  Since most of our weeknight runs will be in the dark, make sure you wear high-visibility/reflective clothing and bring a headlamp and blinking light.  Wear several layers of technical fabric clothing if it's cold.  Weeknight runs will typically be 3-6 miles, so we should be able to complete the workout before 7:30 p.m.  

The meeting location is on the south side of Washington Park, off of South Grand.

Common loops in the park that we'll use:

What do I need for Saturday long runs?

We'll post the two routes by Friday.  There will be a shorter and a longer route.  Choose your distance and memorize or PRINT THE MAP & TURN BY TURN DIRECTIONS beforehand so you don't get lost.  There are no designated leader for either distance, and groups naturally form during the run, but it is up to you to know where you are going.  Plan to arrive at Cafe Moxo before the official start time posted for that day.  We will make a few brief announcements before taking a group picture and then promptly starting the run.  There will be one or more water stops as noted on the maps provided.  When on open roads, please adhere to the RRCA safety rules.  Join other runners for a post-run breakfast at Moxo!

What are the RRCA safety rules?

The Halfwits follow the RRCA guidelines for group runs.  Some highlights of those rules:

  • use caution and obey traffic signals

  • run no more than two people abreast

  • when possible, run against traffic on teh elft side of the road

  • run on the sidewalk as traffic volume dictates

  • *no headphones* when running on open roads

  • please no dogs

Will there be a practice run on the entire course?

Yes, in March the mileage of the long runs will be such that runners following Schedule B will run the full course on two separate weekends.  Runners following Schedule A will run almost the entire course (12 miles)--and will get to tackle all the hills--for their longest weekend run.  We also plan to run the course backwards one of the weekends.

Do you ever cancel any group runs?

The Halfwits follow the RRCA guideline that if the wind chill is 5*F or below, the run will be canceled.  We may also cancel a run if conditions are too dangerous, such as a blizzard or icy roads.  Cancellations will be posted as much as possible in advance.

I'm a new runner, can I train with the Halfwits?

YES!  However, if you haven't run at least a 10K race, we caution you about training for a half-marathon as your first race.  But that doesn't mean you can't run with the Halfwits.  We welcome runners of all abilities and speeds.  Just know our workouts are designed for people training to complete a half marathon.  If the workouts or mileage ever get to be too much for you, you can always cut any run short.

Do you have other questions?

Message us through our Facebook page or email us!

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