Speed workouts, led by Bill Owens, run from April through September each year. The workouts are on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. The April workouts begin at Washington Park until the SHG Track season is over. Then we will move to the SHG track on West Washington Street.

If you’ve never done a speed workout before, don’t let the name intimidate you. Everyone runs the workout at their own pace. What “speed” is to you is not speed for everyone. We promise, you won’t feel overwhelmed or left behind, but you will get faster!

Come on out and try it!

October 1, 2019

Had quite a few request to continue with some speed sessions for a bit so here you go.  Wednesday we will meet at 6pm at Washinton Park Pavilion.  After stretching, warm-up to Williams Boulevard and MacArthur.  Maybe do the dynamic part of the stretching there.  Then do 6-8 x 400m repeats (MacArthur to Walnut = 400m)

Additional Dad Humor:

What' Forrest Gump's Password?  1Forrest1

Did you hear about the guy who fell into the upholstery machine? He's recovered

Why does Snoop Dog always carry an umbrella?  Fo' drizzle

What did one ocean say to the other?  Nothing, they just waved

Why are elevator jokes so handy?  They work on many levels

What do you call an illegally parked frog?  Toad


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