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In 2016, the FootTrails newsletter was awarded the Road Runners Club of America's Newsletter of the Year.  The editor welcomes submissions of articles, photos, announcements, and paid advertising.  Final approval of newsletter content is at the discretion of the board of directors. Email for more information.


Summer 2024

Featured articles:  Running Etiquette, the Heart of SRRC-Star Student-Brandom Damm, tickets, new member spotight, Triple Crown info, Bix destination race and much more!  Become a member to have the newsletter delivered to you!


Winter/Spring 2024

Featured Stories include:  Hall of Fame, Most Improved, Member Spotlight, High School Runners of the Year, Frost Toes Recap, 50k Throwdown, Half Wits, Socials, Upcoming races and more!

Fall 2023

Featured stories include: Summer race recaps, member spotlight, community partners, upcoming races and events, recipes, socials and more!


Summer 2023

Featured stories include: Upcoming races, Socials, Long run fueling, LPHM recap, & Community parternerships.


Winter/Spring 2023

Featured stories include: Upcoming races, SPLAT, Racecations, Fueling, High School Runners of the Year, Frostbite & Annual Banquet recap.


Summer 2022

Featured stories include: SRRC 2021 Hall of Famer, Aging runners, Racecations, Trail running.


Spring 2021

Featured stories include: SRRC Hall of Fame, Trail Running, Running on Budget, Club Awards

Fall 2020

Featured Stories include Frost Toes, Race Wrap-ups, WDF Photos, Race Results, Pandemic Stories, Updates on Awards Series

Spring 2020

Featured stories include: SRRC Hall of Fame, Halfwits Leaders message, Annual Banquet Summary & Awards, LPHM Virtual Race, Race Director Spotlight for Parade Run

Winter 2020

Featured stories include: Frostbite Festival, Ugly Sweater Run, Remembering Bob Cramer, Race Director Spotlight WDF, Triple Crown, Medal Mixer

Summer 2019

Featured stories include: Abe's Amble, Abe's Army, Women's Distance Festival, Parade Run, Shoreline, and Scholarships 

Winter 2019

Featured stories include: 2018 Frostbite Festival, Abe's Amble 5K & 10K Updates and 2018 Awards

Summer 2018

Feature stories include:  Women's Distance Festival, speed work, Lewis Memorial Acres trail run, Mental Training, and the Class of 2018 Scholarship Winners.

Spring 2018

Feature stories include:  Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, SRRC Board changes, Passavant 5K/10K, Friends of the Sangamon Valley Trail Run, group trail run schedule through October, Abe's Army information, speed work article, Trainer's Corner (Rest), SRRC Scholarship information and updated point/participation totals through 4/7/2018.

November/December 2017

September/October 2017

July/August 2017

May/June 2017

March/April 2017

January/February 2017

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