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Race Director's Corner

SRRC Race Standards - Adopted February 2017

The following standards have been prepared by the Springfield Road Runners Club as a guide to ensure a safe and successful race. All SRRC Point Series Races must comply with these standards. SRRC Participation Races should comply to maintain their SRRC affiliation.
Directing a quality race consists of many components, including ample planning, anticipation of problems, delegating duties and good management. These guidelines will help race directors in achieving the best possible race. The quality of a race reflects on both the sponsoring organization and the Springfield Road Runners Club. It is the SRRC’s goal to be affiliated with races that provide an enjoyable experience for participants, while being well run and profitable.
These guidelines have been compiled through consultation with other race organizations and with people who have been involved with SRRC races. While these standards certainly do not cover every item involved with a race, they should provide a detailed framework to work within.
Please use this checklist to track your compliance with these standards. This form is for your use and there is no need to return it to the SRRC.

Race Standards/Checklist

Download Washington Park 5K Course Certification 2012

Equipment Rental Invoice 

View this document to see what equipment the SRRC has available for use during races.

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