Points and Participation Series

2021 Modified Participation Series 2.0 for SRRC Members

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SRRC board has canceled the 2021 Point Series (☹️- we know) and modified the 2021 Participation Series 😊.  These adjustments were necessary due to the large volume of races that have been (or will be) canceled or transitioned to virtual because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. 
The modified participation series for 2021 will be implemented as follows.
The rules are simple:

1. Be a registered 2021 Club member- join now if you have not already! Not sure whether you already joined for 2021? Check on it by logging into your Run Signup account at https://runsignup.com

2. Participate live or virtually (whichever is offered) and post an official finish time from the following 15 races during the 2021 season- any distance offered for the race counts, but longer distances are worth more points.  Visit srrc.net for links to each race (as available).

·    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon
·    Lake Run 7K/12K
·    Scheels 5K
·    Peoria Steamboat Classic 4mi
·    Jacksonville 4th of July Blast 5K
·    Women’s Distance Festival- 2 mi
·    State Fair Parade Run- 2 mi
·    Abe’s Amble 5K/10K
·    Quad Cities Times Bix 7
·    Decatur Shoreline Classic 5K/15K
·    Quad Cities Marathon races
·    Full Moon Trail Run- 2 mi
·    Springfield Marathon races
·    Run the Path Utica 10K (formerly Canal Connection)
·    Frostbite Festival 2 mi/10 mi

3. No need to sign up- SRRC will track participation for Club members and award prizes (TBA) to Gold, Silver and Bronze winners based on accumulated participation points! Stay tuned for the rollout of points required for each level!
4. Have fun & be safe!

This series is designed to reward SRRC members who finish and volunteer for the designated 15 races in our circuit. Your eligibility begins once your membership is processed. To be eligible for all 15 races, a person must have his/her membership processed by the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon. If a person applies for membership after the half marathon, that person will be eligible for all races thereafter. 

  • The SRRC reserves the right to alter these rules when necessary.

  • Points will be greater for longer distances. A person may only enter ONE race for any race event. (Attempts to race multiple events may result in member disqualification.)

  • Five bonus points will be given for finishing *SRRC races.

  • Five bonus points will be given for volunteering for *SRRC races.

  • Abe’s Army does not count for volunteering since it is separate from the race.

  • SRRC male members that volunteer for WDF will be awarded all race day points.

  • A tier system is used to determine awards.


Race Distance Points:

2m – 5k = 5 point
4m – 8k = 8 points
10k – 12k = 10 points
15k – 10m = 15 points
½ Marathon =20 points
Marathon = 30 points


BRONZE- 79-109 points
SILVER- 110-140 points
GOLD- 141-183 points (183 points being the maximum that members can earn by running ALL races listed at their respective maximum distances offered)

Any points questions or corrections may be emailed to SRRCMembership@gmail.com.