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Speed is back!

Kelly and Scott are back for their second year as your leaders! Of course, they are really excited for this years speed sessions and we look forward (I think) to their creative ability.

These runs are for EVERYONE!


Speedwork is not a specific pace, it is simply a pace slightly different from your general day to day pace and run in shorter segments with recovery/rest between those segments. It is for seasoned AND new runners and any workout can be modified to work FOR YOU! If you have any questions, concerns, need advice or modifications or anything else EVER, please let Scott or Kelly know as they are happy to help.


  • The meeting time is 5:30pm each Wednesday. We will begin the year at Washington park playground and will move to the SHG track ASAP

  • Workouts will generally be for a set amount of time instead of # of repeats, etc so no matter your pace, we all start and end together.

  • If temps are calling for a real feel greater than what is allowable for group runs throughout the summer, the workouts will be at 5am for anyone willing to get up.

  • Water will be provided, but not cups. Ensure you bring your own water bottle or reusable cup.

Join the Facebook SRRC Speed Group for full details each week!


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