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June 2018 - Club News Briefs

I guess we skipped right over spring and are in full-on SUMMER mode with this weather. It's Illinois, so all the seasons in one week isn't unheard of. With these hotter temperatures, please make sure you are hydrating all the time, not just when you feel thirsty. By that time, it could be too late. Get familiar with symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and back off if you are feeling any of them. We'd like to keep all of our members safe in the heat!

Here's what's going on with SRRC this month:

  • Race Updates

  • Abe's Amble 10K registration is OPEN! Make sure you get in on the early bird pricing by registering soon. Abe's Army members do not need to register.

  • Women's Distance Festival registration is going strong! Ladies, if you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for?! Shirts are guaranteed if you register by June 8th. To be eligible for door prizes, you must be registered by July 13th. Grab your friend, sister, mom, or daughter and sign up today! SRRC member, Jan Andrews won a free entry into this year's race on our Facebook page. Watch our for more contests!

  • Club Programs

  • Abe's Army 10K training program is underway with 320 participants! Welcome to all the new and returning Army recruits!!

  • Many SRRC Scholarship applications were received for Class of 2018. The applications are currently being reviewed and the winners will be announced in the summer newsletter with an awards presentation following the State Fair Parade Run in August.

  • Most Improved Runners for 2018 - keep an eye on your friends who are making running/racing improvements over last year in preparation for nominating them for MIR2018! To learn more about this annual award, visit the SRRC website:

  • A summer SRRC social is being planned for a Brew2Brew Run with a tour of the local microbreweries downtown. We'll share information on the date by email and Facebook page as soon as we have it!

  • Member Hosted Group Run Options

  • The rotational Saturday morning group run schedule is posted to the website for 2018. The runs are self-starting and you pick your own pace and distance. There's usually a good number of runners (and walkers) that if you want to join up with someone running your pace, you can usually find someone. But if you prefer to run alone, it's still good to run on the trails with other runners nearby. There's safety in numbers! All are welcome! Come introduce yourself! The trail schedule can be found here:

  • Wednesday night speed workouts are underway starting at 5:45 p.m. through October. Check the website weekly for information on the workout and location (Washington Park or SHG track). Do not feel like you have to be fast to do speed work. "Speed" is completely relative to YOU and your abilities!

  • Thursday night 5K (5:45 p.m.) @ Springfield Running Center. Check out their Facebook page for group run details.

  • Those don't work for you? Post up on the SRRC Members Facebook page to see if there are other groups you can join!

  • Club Circuit Race Results (May 2018)

  • Lake Run (Bloomington)

  • Lincoln Memorial Garden 8K

  • Passavant 5K/10K (Jacksonville)

  • Club Circuit Race Schedule (June 2018) (see website for details

  • ​6/16/2018 - Bob Goldman Memorial Scholastic 5K - Lake Springfield Beach House

  • 6/16/2018 - Steamboat Classic 4M and 15K - Peoria, IL

  • 6/23/2018 - Scheel’s 5K and 10K - Springfield, IL

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