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LPHM Cancellation FAQ

LPHM Cancellation FAQs

Can the 13.1 mi be completed before April 1?

Yes, we will accept verification for dates as early as March 1, 2020; however, medals will not be distributed before April 4. All verifications must be e-mailed to by June 1, 2020.

Does verification have to be for exactly 13.1 miles?

No, 13.1 mi is the minimum distance for which verification needed. Longer distances are fine.

Is a screenshot of my watch, Garmin, running app, etc. showing the required distance sufficient verification of 13.1 mi?


Can I decline my $35 refund and have SRRC use the funds to support designated charities instead?

Yes (and thank you!), but this is not at all expected. If you wish to decline your refund, please notify SRRC by Friday, March 20th. Otherwise, refunds will be processed after March 20th. Please be patient when awaiting your refund as we will need to work closely with Run Signup to get them processed.

Can HalfWits host a 13.1 mi group run for everyone on April 4?

Sorry, no. The race was canceled to accommodate county health restrictions. We will not have police support, course marshals or medical support to manage a makeshift race & cannot take this safety risk.

Can SRRC members run 13.1 miles during a Saturday HalfWits training run?

Of course! Even if the assigned HalfWits Route is less than 13.1, you are welcome to run the entire ALPHM course on your own (or with friends!) if you choose.

Does the LPHM still count for SRRC’s Point & Participation Series?

Participation Series points will be awarded. However, since points are awarded based on head-to-head competition, this race will be omitted from the Point Series in 2020.

Can I still defer my LPHM registration to next year?

Unfortunately, no. Once the race was canceled, the option to defer was no longer valid.

Can new participants register for the virtual race?

No, registration closed when the race was canceled. The virtual option is available only to registered participants affected by the cancellation.


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