October 2018 - Club News Briefs

Heyyyyyyyy, finally some cooler temperatures! Now that summer and fall are battling it out for the season, you'll have to be prepared for any running temperatures from 40 to 90 degrees! Good luck with your laundry!

Here's what's going on with SRRC this coming month:

Points/Participation Results have been updated online

The Points/Participation results have been posted to the website. Please review your results and email any corrections to SRRCmembership@gmail.com within two weeks. You will want to pay extra attention if you participated in the Bix 7 race. If you are showing no points for that race, please send an email to membership. As a reminder, in order to qualify for the Points Series Winner, you must volunteer for 2+ SRRC races each year. The final race of the season will be the Frostbite Festival. The full rules of the two series are on our website.

SRRC Race Updates

What a great night for a wine mixer!

Thank you all who came out to the fall social at Danenberger Family Vineyards in New Berlin on September 29th. It is truly awesome to hang out with you all in relaxed setting while freed from paces and sweat! You all looked fabulous, and we had a really fun time! There will be more socials coming, so prepare yourself for the Medal Mixer in December, and the Annual Banquet in January. Dates and details will be posted in the November news briefs.

Club Programs

  • Most Improved Runners for 2018 - Now is the time to start nominating! Who has been making running/racing improvements over last year? Who got a great new PR in the a fair race--or both? We're ready to start taking nominations for MIR2018! Nominations are open through the Monday after Frostbite. To learn more about this annual award, visit the SRRC website: www.srrc.net/mostimproved

  • Triple Crown Challenge - Abe's Army members who ran the Shoreline Classic 15K for the first time this year still have a chance to earn the Triple Crown by running the Frostbite 10 miler. Don't miss your chance! To learn more about this program and to sign up, visit their page: www.srrc.net/tcc


  • The SRRC board of directors is looking for a couple of people to held lead the club in 2019. Two long-time directors will be stepping down after their term is up in 2018. We will need to fill the Equipment Coordinator/Race Liaison position and also a Member-At-Large position. If you are interested in either of these, please contact Nick Fogleman at sn95nik@gmail.com.

  • Ever wanted to direct a race? Well, Women's Distance Festival is looking for a new race director(s). If you've never directed a race before, you just need some good organizational skills and energy to start with, and the board of director can help train you on the rest!

  • Don't forget that volunteering for at least two club races is a requirement for qualifying in the SRRC Points Series and you get participation points as well. Since this club operates completely on volunteers, we appreciate your help! The registration for volunteering for Frostbite is officially open! Use the race registration link on their webpage to sign up for a spot.

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