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January 2019 - Club News Briefs

​HAPPY NEW YEAR! January tends to be a time for reflection on the past year's accomplishments, but also looking ahead to set goals for the upcoming year. SRRC would love to help with your running goals! If you've not joined us for a group run yet, you'll be amazed at how much it will energize your training goals. Running with a pack, you get to share energy and challenge your running mates. It also gives you accountability to show up! As we all know, showing up can be the hardest part. Club registration for 2019 is open. Make sure you renew soon!

To renew your membership for 2019 - click HERE!

This will be your last club email if your membership is not renewed for 2019. Don't let it happen to you! As a reminder, your club membership gets you access to race discounts, club socials, emails and newsletters of club happenings, member awards, and the best running friends EVER! In addition, your membership dollars support student-athlete runners with scholarships, porta-potties at local running spots (SO important!), and the promotion of a sport we love so much!

What's going on with the club this month:

Let's get SOCIAL!!

Don't forget you can always check what's going throughout the year on our website:

  • Annual Banquet and Awards (01/26/2019) It's almost here! We look forward to this time to celebrate with each other each year! We are changing up the format a little for 2019--there will be more time for socializing and no guest speaker. Yes, we'll still need to do the membership meeting and annual awards, but we'll keep those as brief as possible. $10 for members and $20 for non-member guests. Register today!

  • Runner Safety Course 2.0 (01/15/2019) By popular demand, the runner safety course is back. Make sure you sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot. This session will be a review and continuation from the first session. Attending the first session is not necessary to attend this one. There will be a review before getting started. Register here.


SRRC Races 2019

  • Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon - Registration for the half marathon is NOW OPEN!


Club Programs

  • HALFWITS!!!!! - Yay! Halfwits is back! Whether you plan to run the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon or not, Halfwits is a great way to get together with your running friends. Distances can be customized to your training level in most cases. But for those of you planning to run the half, you will get fully prepared with this group! Check out their web page for details and schedules.



  • The board is always looking for volunteers to help with club programs in a variety of skills and time commitments to fit busy schedules. If you have enjoyed your club membership, we ask you consider giving back by helping out with the behind-the-scenes work that board members, race directors, program leaders and volunteers do to make our club the best it can be! Please consider volunteering some time in 2019, and contact Nick Fogleman at for more information on what would best suit your skills and interests!


217 (2-RUN-7) Shopping!

​​​​​​​The 2-RUN-7 club gear is IN! We do have some extra inventory of shirts, hoodies, car magnets or decals. Watch for shopping opportunities and inventory on the club store online. If you have questions, please email

We love seeing our "team" jerseys all over town! Proceeds will help promote running in central Illinois!


Race Results


Club Racing Calendar


Member-hosted and SRRC group runs

  • Halfwits starts in January! Join us for some runs! You do NOT have to be running the half marathon in April to train with us. All club members are welcome:

  • Club group run schedules don't work for you? Post up on the SRRC Members Facebook page to see if there are other groups you can join!


Member Birthdays - January

  • 1/1 Tom Sutherland

  • 1/1 James Kuhn

  • 1/1 Russell Schaefer

  • 1/3 Jean Broaddus

  • 1/3 Jason Beeler

  • 1/4 River Buchanan

  • 1/5 Kevin Hingle

  • 1/5 Melissa Schaefer

  • 1/6 JoAnn Johnson

  • 1/8 Barb Bonansinga

  • 1/9 Bill Gochenour

  • 1/9 Leann Fox

  • 1/10 Rachel Benedict

  • 1/11 Dustie Spradlin

  • 1/11 Rhonda Robinson

  • 1/11 Peter Marshall

  • 1/12 Thomas Thornton

  • 1/12 Teresa Pisula

  • 1/13 Phillip Peterson

  • 1/13 Ash Hinman

  • 1/14 Denise Beauman

  • 1/14 Elizabeth Krah

  • 1/16 Rachelle Reincke

  • 1/16 Laura Colantino

  • 1/17 Devin Amin

  • 1/18 John Stearns

  • 1/18 Amber Chasco

  • 1/19 Sam Woods II

  • 1/19 J.C. Large

  • 1/20 Mollie Langley

  • 1/21 Angie Fletcher

  • 1/22 Levi Biggs

  • 1/22 Lori Iocca

  • 1/22 Marc Anderson

  • 1/23 Jeffrey Perkins

  • 1/24 Brian Bronke

  • 1/25 Jennifer Alessia

  • 1/26 William Wilson

  • 1/26 Jamie Fitzpatrick

  • 1/28 Amy Whitecotton

  • 1/29 Laura Hauer

  • 1/29 Lindsey Hauer

  • 1/29 Jan Andrews

  • 1/29 Ashla Kerber

  • 1/30 Shana Waldinger

  • 1/31 Mark Janus

  • 1/31 Gabrielle Mraz

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