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March 2019 - Club News Briefs

What do runners talk about if it's not the weather?? I'm sure there's at least a few of you who also feel like this winter won't END!! I'm sure we are in "third winter", so spring should be here very soon! Keep thinking spring! We run year-round here anyways, but not putting on three layers would be nice...

What's going on with the club this month:


SRRC Races 2019 - OPEN!

Women's Distance Festival - Registration is NOW OPEN for the 40th Annual Women's Distance Festival! Ladies, bring your mom, daughter, sister, cousin or friend! Last year, we had one of the biggest turn outs in the long time, and we think this year will be even better! With the 40th anniversary upon us, we think there will be something special in the works. Register early to guarantee your shirt. There's a kids run, too, so bring out the kiddos!

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon - SHIRT GUARANTEED THROUGH 3/10/2019!! Make sure you get the size you want in the awesome quarter-zip tech pullover by getting registered before March 10th! #RunAbe2019


Registration is open for the Passavant Gatorade 5K/10K in Jacksonville on May 25, 2019. This race is a participation series race. SRRC members can receive $1 off registration by entering the code PG2019 at any time. Also, there is a BONUS St. Paddy's Day discount code for $3 off for registration when you enter GREEN2019. These codes can be stacked up! Might as well register on March 17th! Click here for registration details.


Group Runs

Abe's Army!! - Registration is NOW open for the 2019 Abe's Army training group. As you may have heard, there will be a 5K and a 10K plan this year. Yes, that means there will also be a 5K Abe's Amble! Get your non-running friends active this summer by helping them learn to love running! Sign up today!

HALFWITS - Whether you plan to run the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon or not, Halfwits is a great way to get together with your running friends. Distances can be customized to your training level in most cases. But for those of you planning to run the half, you will get fully prepared with this group! Check out their web page for details and schedules.


Abe's 50K Throw Down!


*NEW* for 2019! Run 50K of SRRC races and get extra bling! We are currently working on the medal design, but make sure you get registered for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in order to qualify for the inaugural year award!

You will need to run FOUR specific club races in these distances: 2 miles, 6.2 miles, 10 miles, and 13.1 miles in 2019.

For all the details and to find out which races will qualify you, click here!


Race Results


Club Racing Calendar

  • The racing calendar has been updated for 2019 races. Mark your calendars now. For the full schedule and links to club races, see


Member-hosted and SRRC group runs

  • Halfwits! You do NOT have to be running the half marathon in April to train with us. All club members, all paces and abilities are welcome:

  • Watch for speed workouts to start up in April.

  • If the club group run schedules don't work for you, post up on the SRRC Members Facebook page to see if there are other groups you can join!


Member Birthdays - March

  • 3/1 - Ashley Amin

  • 3/1 - Kohila Ellis

  • 3/2 - Jason Nikson

  • 3/6 - Michele Pitts

  • 3/7 - Patty Petersen

  • 3/8 - Finn Murphy

  • 3/10 - Jennifer Krause

  • 3/12 - Carissa Switzer

  • 3/12 - Bradley Smith

  • 3/14 - Sandy Gilmore

  • 3/15 - Jessica Hamblin

  • 3/15 - Kari Fargusson

  • 3/16 - Sarah Enlow

  • 3/17 - Blake Scranton

  • 3/17 - Diana Nevitt

  • 3/17 - Lonna Porter

  • 3/18 - Lisa Young

  • 3/19 - Mindy Davis

  • 3/20 - Shawn Gibbs

  • 3/20 - Blake Cowle-Healy

  • 3/21 - Tori Taylor

  • 3/21 - Scott Nation

  • 3/23 - Mark Pitchford

  • 3/24 - Roseanne Nance

  • 3/24 - Marybeth Young

  • 3/24 - Kaylee Gholson

  • 3/25 - Gordon McKavanagh

  • 3/27 - Ryan Dunn

  • 3/27 - Campbell Beeler

  • 3/30 - Mark Young

  • 3/31 - Adam Gribbins

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