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Dance Dance Revolution

1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and..... This week we are running a Fartlek on the track. "Aww that stinks!" says Tommy. "I don't like dancing," says Paul. Not that kind of Fartlek! A running fartlek. And we aren't going to be dancing! The fartlek will be a timed run where we will run sets of 4 x (2 minutes hard followed by 1 minute easy). We will again start with our warm-up and stretching and then break into groups. Everyone will be running hard and easy at the same time with the 2 minutes hard followed by 1 minute easy in repetition. We will take a 10 minute break between sets. This works on speed and endurance so its good for you if you're training for shorter or longer races. Hope to see everyone there! By the way, a big shout out to all of our "Speed" ladies that competed in last weekend's Women's Distance Festival, including champion Lydia. See ya Wednesday 5:45 at the SHG Track!


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