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Arriba Andale, That Cat is Back! The Need for SPEED!

There are many good reasons to implement speed in your training. Even if you never plan on racing, varying your training with fast/moderate/slow, long/short, hard surface/soft surface all help you to work different muscles in different ways and become a better runner. Just like weight lifters don't limit to only bench press, runners need to mix it up.

This week we will concentrate on "fastest" type speed. I'd like to see you do a workout some will remember from prior years called "The Light Pole Run". After some stretching (dynamic and static) do a mile or so warm-up. Then run a 2 mile course (once around Washington park) switching from your top speed to slogging (slow jogging) every other light pole. Switching to top speed involves leaning forward and running more off your fore-foot and increasing cadence and arm movement. You will find that this workout is a speed workout and endurance workout all in one. After the 2 mile course of light poles, do another mile cool-down and some more stretching. Have fun and let me know how your workout goes!

DJA: Did you hear about the population of the capitol of Ireland? Apparently its Dublin!

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