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Speed workout 5/17: 400m + 200m

New week, New workout... who's ready???

This week will be 400s + 200s. Is it a trick or am I just testing your math skills 🤔??

Yes, we will do 600s but here's the catch...

Run the first 400 hard (1 lap of track), and think 5k pace or maybe a smidge faster, but once you hit that 400 mark, it's game on... envision the finish of a 5k race and you are in that final stretch, you are almost there and you need to find that next gear. It's not a full on sprint, but you should intentionally get faster in that last 200m. Then take a good rest. 2:30 mins or a very slow 200m walk or super slow jog. Rest how you see fit but try to fully recover and get breathing back to normal. Once you hit 30mins total finish up the one you're on and we will cool down together.

There are always moments in any race where you need to find that gear change. Not just at the finish but maybe when you're ready to make a move on someone you've kept in your sights, or sometimes it's when you feel your body want to start to slow down... work on this intentional gear change and it will help you. It's in there, and it's not always easy, but if you practice it you will get better at it and gain confidence. Then use it when you need it.

I encourage you to try this on at least 3-4 of your 600s even if you don't do it for each one. See you Wednesday!!


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